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     All About JOOTBOX & N2K (Need To Know)
Terms Of Service
This is essentially "Fair Warning" for using the site. In general, JOOTBOX's interpretation of "The Golden Rule" and how & why it does apply.
2 2 松山英樹 新ドライ...
09/18/14 by akentanlid
Copyright Protection
In short, JOOTBOX is owned and operated by Charbonneau Arts & Research. That means me, Dr. Charbonneau. I handle my cases in the Madison County Courts in propria persona. I don't need a lawyer for my own legal pursuits. If someone rips off an authorized poster, they rip me off too. Think about that before downloading someone's work with the idea of claiming or selling it as your own.
1 1 Managed by Nerds. Pirates sta...
05/03/13 by DrCharbonneau
The Meaning of & Reason for N2K Philosophy
In short, N2K reverts to "The Freedom of Information Act" we enjoy now as American Citizens. There is a lot more OpenGL and Public Domain information, graphics and literature out there.
1 1 Freedom of Information Act Co...
05/03/13 by DrCharbonneau
Permissions, Comments & Requests
Verbatim rips are allowed as long as they are bona fide NEEDED public awareness, Spaceweather's thread for example. If in doubt, ask. If you have a request for something to be removed for infringement, just let me know.
1 1 Custommer Service Department
05/03/13 by DrCharbonneau
     21st Century Changes
How's the Weather in This 21st Century?
The 21st Century seems to have some changes in store for us. The need to address these changes can be discussed here. Severe weather damage? Talk about it here.
06/25/13 by DrCharbonneau
Fight The Wind
This is a place to discuss how to prevent future disasters from tornadoes, solar storms, hurricanes and in general Mother Nature's fury.
60 5 Work On Those Pods Doc! Pleea...
11/18/13 by DrCharbonneau
Latest News
This is for exactly that. If it's news from the world, your home town, your back yard or other universes, JOOTBOX wants to know.
13 11 Nazca Lines DECODED as Great ...
04/02/15 by EzeqeelNOCH
This is for introductions and threads that don't seem to fit anywhere else.
76 24 いろいろあった深堀...
09/12/14 by akentanlid
Here are the rules of the road and how to use the site. If you have suggestions, this is a place for them.
9 7 PayPal Tips
11/15/12 by DrCharbonneau
This is where we introduce ourselves if we so desire.
15 9 NOLOND Appears to Be Not Only...
05/09/13 by DrCharbonneau
Pretty self explanatory
6 2 A one click stop to suggest.....
09/19/12 by DrCharbonneau
Visual Arts
Here we can discuss artist like Rockwell and Royo and Frazetta and Dali. Also we can discuss techniques, materials and such. Show off your work.
1 1 Before There Are Objects: 3D ...
06/07/13 by DrCharbonneau
Musical Arts
Here we can share our music and discuss musicians from Michael Jackson to Mozart.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Culinary Arts
This is the place where we give Rachael Ray a run for her money...
6 3 Spoth
10/23/12 by DrCharbonneau
Other Arts & Technology
Just about anything else there's no catetory for that involves the creative mind and the techniques for expressing it through the arts and sciences.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
     Photography, Cinema & Literature
Literary Arts
Share books, and discuss authors and writing skills.
2 2 The Classics Are and Will Alw...
05/01/13 by DrCharbonneau
Documentaries & Non-Fiction
Discuss or post topics that depict what you might find on the History Channel or National Geographic, for examples.
0 0 No posts  
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Talk about your favorites that have some meaning or you just plain enjoyed or hated...
2 1 The Time Machine
06/12/13 by DrCharbonneau
     Computer Graphics - OpenGL and Freeware
This is for putting tutorials, downloadable attachments, your own work or just discussing Blender.
2 2 Base Meshes: Creating a Seed ...
05/30/13 by DrCharbonneau
This is for discussing and learning about GIMP.
1 1 Getting the latest GIMP versi...
05/01/13 by DrCharbonneau
This is for discussions and tutelage on MeshLab. It is freeware and has many useful functions.
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Mesh Mixer
Autodesk has made this a freeware. It is useful for manipulating objects in ways that other programs don't offer. Discussions and tutelage.
0 0 No posts  
This freeware child of ZBrush is a very useful modeling editor. Discussions and tutelage.
1 1 Obtainiing Sculptris' Latest ...
05/02/13 by DrCharbonneau
DAZ - Free
This is for DAZ (Digital Art Zone) Studio versions and other DAZ products that are currently free or have been at one time.
0 0 No posts  
Twisted Brush
Open Studio (Free) or Pro, this suite is sweet!
1 1 Obtaining Twisted Brush Open ...
05/02/13 by DrCharbonneau
     Computer Graphics - Non-Freeware
DAZ - Non-Free
This is for DAZ products such as Hexagon, Bryce, Cararra and plug-ins and other items that must be purchased though the DAZ store.
0 0 No posts  
The name says it all.
0 0 No posts  
PTC (Parametric Technologies) - ProE, Creo et al
If Creo or Wildfire or Windchill are your drafting and engineering tools, this is the place to discuss all that.
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     Other Software
Freeware and OpenGL
If you don't have to pay for it ever, then post here.
0 0 No posts  
Shareware, Trials, Demos & Otherwise Not-For-Free-Ware
Basically that.
0 0 No posts  
     Sciences & Mathematics
This is for discussing and learning about sciences or for scientific discussions that may overlap into more than one area.
10 1 Evidence of Earth's Negative ...
03/14/13 by DrCharbonneau
Aeronautics & Aerodynamics
If it flies or simply goes up, this is the forum to discuss it.
1 1 Aeronautics File Folder in Me...
03/24/11 by DrCharbonneau
Agronomical Sciences
From life on the farm to foraging for food.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
This is a place to discuss what is out there that has gone before us milleniums ago. Post links, files and pics about digs.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
This is the place to discuss the Solar system, the galaxies and all that lies beyond our terrestrial world.
63 3 Smitten by Isaac Newton's She...
05/29/13 by DrCharbonneau
Biology & Life Sciences
From dissecting a frog or a mouse to discussing DNA and the various species and genomes.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Botanical Sciences
Here we can discuss the nature and species of plants and trees and flowers.
4 1 One day in my orchard
07/30/12 by DrCharbonneau
Here we can discuss chemical species or the understanding of atomic orbitals and the elements.
02/27/11 by DrCharbonneau
Computer Science & Programming
This is a good place to discuss these machines we love and hate at the same time. Discuss hardware, software and programming in a wide variety of languages.
5 2 My Drupal Journey with Instal...
10/29/12 by DrCharbonneau
Earth Sciences
Meteorology, Seismology, volcanology, or anything else pertaining to what makes this planet work and what might affect it, such as global warming.
58 7 Earth's electric field
01/17/13 by DrCharbonneau
Forensic Science
All the subjects that deal with gathering evidence.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
This is for discussing rocks as though we just might be smarter than a box of them...
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Some of us love it. Some of us hate it. One thing is for certain, we all do better the more we understand about it. Crunch numbers here or find out how to.
2 2 Pseudocode, Pseudopodious, Ps...
04/13/12 by DrCharbonneau
Nautical & Oceanic Sciences
If it involves submarines, boats or life in the seas, it goes here.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
This is where to discuss general physics.
3 3 The Fine Structure Constant a...
04/22/12 by DrCharbonneau
Quantum Sciences
From the nature of the atom and nuclear physics to the nature of the cosmos, this is the forum for those discussions.
18 1 Anti-neutrinos
08/19/12 by DrCharbonneau
From black holes to tachyons, this is the place to talk about such.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
What doesn't really fir in aeronautics can go here.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Veteranary Sciences
This is to discuss the science of animals and gross animal anatomy.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Zoology & Wildlife
If you are discussing Jack Hanna or the genome of the mouse, this is the place.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Discuss the human anatomy here from a medical perspective or from the artist's perspective.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Health & Physiology
Here we talk about keeping healthy and what our bodies are all about.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Medicine in General
Here we can discuss illnesses and the drugs and machines that help us cure them.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
This is the place to discuss brain surgery and the wiring in our bodies.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Here is the place to discuss what makes us think the way we do. What are our personalities comprised of?
10 2 Kicking tobacco
10/19/13 by DrCharbonneau
What makes us love? What sends us to war? When push comes to shove. Why some take less and others more.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Veteranary Medicine
This is the place to talk about keeping animals well and how to put our hurt friends back together.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Time Travel
Practical applications...
34 1 Time Travel and Time Machines...
05/01/13 by DrCharbonneau
Space Travel
Practical applications...
2 1 Sub orbital flight tickets ma...
05/01/13 by DrCharbonneau
What are the stars made of? The planets?
15 4 Cosmic Macroscopic Electric C...
01/18/13 by DrCharbonneau
What are the secrets of the universe?
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Alternate Energy
This is for sharing ideas and methods about wind power or new energy forms.
4 1 How to make solar panels Vict...
04/23/11 by DrCharbonneau
This is for sharing ideas about how dwellings should be taking shape in the 21st Century. It can also talk about architectural history.
1 1 bungalow house plans in india
07/10/15 by Ricky Solonika
Designs & Concepts
This is the place to dream and talk about those ideas.
4 1
05/08/12 by DrCharbonneau
Engineering and Inventing
This is the place to talk about machines and how to make them.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Tell us where you've been and where you'd like to go. Talk about the world.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Talk about the greats of science and people of the past and the now.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Dreams & Death
Why do we dream? What happens when we die? Near death experience from a researcher's perspective.
2 1 Near death experience
04/03/12 by DrCharbonneau
Strange Experience
If you are different, think differently, see things beyond what others usually can understand or tolerate, in otherwords if it's a subject that causes a cerebral meltdown in the average person, this is a place for such weird things. Remember to keep it, as all else, PG rated...
4 1 Poetry and Lyrics
04/16/13 by Jobujack
UFO's and the Ancients
This is where to talk about that wheel in the sky that keeps on turning...
28 5 One Man, One Witch, 4 Jinn's ...
12/12/12 by Jobujack
Alternative Science
PseudoScience, paranormal, strange ideas...
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Any news or activities going on in Indiana, such as our current Quake-up call and area flooding, tornadoes problems and such.
12 1 QUA-A-A-A-A-KE UP CA-A-A-A-LL...
02/07/13 by DrCharbonneau
Other Places In The Universe
Wherever you're at... There you are
19 6 Welcome to my mind >.\*/.&...
12/07/12 by Jobujack
Humor and Stories
Put jokes and anecedotes here. Cartoons and general funny business.
9 5 FDA food testing program resu...
02/03/13 by DrCharbonneau
MYJootBOX & Links
This forum is for our own personal blogs. If you want to link to a favorite site or your own webpage, this is the place to do just that. Somethiung you want to consign to promote? Okay, within reason (No spam)
21 2 Randomly Wyrd timed Youtube C...
07/20/13 by Jobujack
This is a good place to show someone you like what they are doing for the forums.
4 2 Will the Atheist Troll Mercie...
01/20/13 by Jobujack
This is a place to setle disagreements. If they get too flaming, they'll end in a hurry.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Fighting Cyber-Bullying
If you are being bullied on line, banned for no-good reason by mods that are really trolls, harassed or otherwise ostracized by others online, tell your tale here, but don't go around with your tail between your legs
13 1 Continuation of "Why do peopl...
10/16/12 by DrCharbonneau
     Sports & Recreation
Sports & Entertainment
If you want to talk about the Colts, Hoosiers, Boilermakers, Bulldogs, Fighting Irish, local concerts and recreations or just about what you do for a hobby, this is the place.
5 3 How to Play Pinky & the Brain...
01/29/13 by Jobujack
Calling All Angels
Are you "special?" A highly skilled surgeon? Maybe someone who feels like they've had wings ripped out of their back? Dreams of ages gone by? talk to humanity about it under the protection of the Doctor's wing.
6 4 Literally, Left to Right in B...
01/30/13 by Jobujack
Atheism is officially a religion for 1st Amendment and other purposes. The monkey trial continues
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For those interested or faithful...
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
For those interested or faithful...
13 5 Is Jesus a Christian?
09/26/12 by DrCharbonneau
Harry Potter's fiction, but what about the faithful Druids?
1 1 The Who Samael is...
01/19/13 by Jobujack
For those interested or faithful...
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
For those interested or faithful...
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
For those interested or faithful...
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
For those interested or faithful...
1 1 The 12 Arch-Angels of Earth's...
01/27/13 by Jobujack
For those interested or faithful...
4 2 2012 Lucifer Returns!
01/29/13 by Jobujack
Bible Prophecy
From Isaiah to John, there are many fascinating issues to discuss here.
12 2 Restoration of all things
03/12/13 by DrCharbonneau
For those who think there's something to what this man saw.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Ways to survive in the end of times.
2 2 A Survival Community in the M...
03/26/12 by DrCharbonneau
2012 Discussions
If you think the world will end in 2012 or thereabouts, this is where to talk about it.
6 2 12/21 2012 Let The Hunt Begin...
11/06/12 by Jobujack
General Engineering
This is an engineering catch all.
36 3 Homes That Float and Roll Wit...
04/13/13 by DrCharbonneau
Building Trades
From brand new construction to using tools to home improvement solutions. This is the place.
6 1 A trick with a rat-tail file.
06/15/12 by DrCharbonneau
Chemical Technology
How to make and use a laboratory for compounding.
1 1 Explosion and fume resistant ...
05/01/12 by DrCharbonneau
How to use machines to build that invention.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
Electronics & Nanotechnology
From printed wire boards to quantum dots and quantum wires, there is much to learn here.
0 0 No posts DrCharbonneau
     Political Sciences
Law & Order
From Lawyers and Judges to Cops and Robbers, this is the place to discuss "The Blind to Justice"
0 0 No posts  
The Political Scenario
Politics at its best and worst, whatever, wherever
11 3 (Re-posted) The US 2012 Presi...
04/03/13 by DrCharbonneau
The Repiblic
Not necessarily for Republicans only, but a place to discuss the republic of Plato to anything republican
0 0 No posts  
Democratic Society
SDS, the subject of democracy, its origins and even the concept of a democratic republic... imagine that
0 0 No posts  
From Summers to the present day concept, a scoiety of rules without rulers
0 0 No posts  
New World Order
Whatever that is...
0 0 No posts  
Naziism, NeoNaziism, Fascism, Oligarchies, Monarchies and other-archies
Pretty much the rest of the non-mainstream political philosophies
0 0 No posts  
     Trading Post
Member Promotions
This is the place to put stuff and services you want to promote. Wheel and deal. Remember that Premium Memberships include private invisible forums. NOTHING LEWD!
0 0 No posts  
     Outreach Mission
Outreach Center
If you have needs or can answer someone's need, sa in homelessness, intervention, free things, then you're welcome to interact here. A reminder though, spam is not tolerated and jootbox is not responsible for any transactions here or anywhere else on the jootbox forums. Thank you and follow the golden rule.
9 2 Banner Temps
05/01/13 by DrCharbonneau
R.I.P. The Graveyard
This is a place you cn check to see the answer to "Hey, where'd (so and so) go?" or "Why was my post removed?" It is public so others can learn what is tolerable and what isn't.
2 2 NOLOND was banned for attempt...
05/10/13 by DrCharbonneau

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