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2:45 1/27/2013

About 10 minutes ago a strange thing happened. We have the local TV Station on to MEtv and, unlike the normal merely blank picture, we experienced analog static. That didn't seem remarkable, but the other effects did.
I have a 2Ghz machine on 24/7 with a webcam that points out the window for security. I'm also typing this and my other work on a laptop. In that, I'm saying we have 3 video screens going at the moment this occurred.
The TV came back to normal, but right afterward the security cam caught what appeared to be some type of wave anamoly, i.e. a waviness for about 8 or 10 seconds. That has never happened before and there are no signs of any problems with the monitor... no magnets nearby. That did not happen on the laptop or the TV. There was no power surge or interruption.

After discussing this with Patty for a minute or two, the thought crossed my mind to check the stationary, leveled compass I have in my engineering office. It's a compass rose with a marking line for a comparator. As I write, it is still reading West at 2 degrees further South than just a few days ago. 1.5 degrees deviation per day (.75 either way) is normal. 2 degrees is outside that norm. I'm logging this here to publish the event, because, as can be found somewhere in here, I've observed a 3.5 degree deviation several months back and an 8.5 degree deviation only a few weeks prior to that. Since those I installed a permanent compass on a leveled surface.

You heard it here first folks.
Dr. C.

Because this has occurred on a day when we are getting some relief from the recent spell of frigid cold, it has me wondering if this is a magnetic shift. I'll continue to post any changes to the deviation.

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