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What do we need to survive the worst case scenario?



Whether a particular date, such as December 21, 2012, is the target day we expect a devastating cataclysm may occur, or we are preparing just in case, we must first define just what could possibly happen. So first we need to know what that worst case scenario might be. This short list is what my own designs intend to cover. Let's look at some of the current solutions to these as well.



1. Earthquakes and volcanoes

2. Severe weather, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, glaciation, etc.

3. Floods, from unending rain making rivers crest far above flood level, tsunamis, mega-tsunamis, nubile water brought up from the mantle by volcanic ejecta, etc.

4. Solar flares, magnetic disturbances, etc.

5. Inability to grow crops in the outside world.

6. Devastation of livestock and the inability to support livestock in the outside world.

7. Meteors and asteroid collisions and/or showers... the sky is falling...



Current solutions (other than my own)


1. Underground bunkers.

This is one of the most common solutions to surviving the "2012 scenario (TTS)" and the least likely to recommend in my opinion. Depending on the bunker's location and a lot of luck, it may protect the inhabitants from items 1., 2., 4. & 7., it is not a good idea to end up trapped in one with even six inches of water above the level of any vent and certainly with no airlock means to leave in such a case. Assuming the builder of the bunker designed it to cover the possibilty of being trapped inside forever, water proof and such, the psychological problems will escalate and likely result in suicide, cannibalism or maybe something worse we can't imagine at the moment. A MEGALITHIC bunker (megalithic means 10 times the size of the Titanic... the Eiffel Tower is almost megalithic) might survive all 7 scenarios and provide a comfortable subterrainean life, but even Bill Gates would exhaust his funds building one with all possible needs included. There are escape pods made of steel and fiberglass available pre-made online. One needs to dig a hole, put in the pod and cover everything but the entry and vent. I call all these solutions a "tomb," at best, but they could also be the breeder of H.G. Wells' "Morlocks."


2. The illustration included here is a solution I consider to be marginally viable. This is an RV designed to transform itself into a houseboat. The illustration envisions the transformation into a sailboat. Likely built on a 5-ton chassis, or converted from a school bus, charter bus, etc., it can be made to expand from the sides to nearly twice the RV's standard width. Let's say the transformed houseboat is 16 feet wide by 24 foot long. That's like a small house. It can include limited contained farming, so it just might survive all of the 7 scenarios. These I can build from scratch or convert for anyone who asks or make them a set of plans and instructions, tech support etc. to do the work themselves, which will be cheaper.


3. Die. Maybe none of those scenarios will happen in your lifetime. (Good luck with that...)



My recommended solution:


The illustrations below the RV Transformer, (or just below) , depict two types of solutions I call Podules. The Dodepod is a dodecahedron with a floatation ring around it. This is the least expensive of all solutions and can be designed and built to even ride atop a tsunami with an inner rolling sphere that keeps everything inside pretty much upright while the outer shell rolls around it. There is room for indoor farming dependant only on its size. A further solution in this design is to link up with others on the outside and survive until such is possible. Should a "Waterworld," like Kevin Costner envisions, occur, these would survive it.

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The universe is a hairball. It was created by Fritz the Cat. :P Einstein said the universe was like a plate of spaghetti. Still, you don't want to know what transpired between him and Elsa to bring about that idea.

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