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Hey Everyone, you're most likely busy with school & personal life, family, friends & or whatever else to respond to this or just scared off by me which if is the case would make me sad as I'd never bite, I just Bark, though at you here, I'd never Bark viciously, just an excited happy to see you quiet howling (wink), anyways, I thought I'd share this non Traitor for American Big Money Canadian Music Artist I think is really cool & intelligent & know you all will most likely also like him, he's all about building a Solid Fan base, which he has enough of to do his thing, which is intellectually entertain with a purpose in mind that is well timed with what I've been up to...

Classified - Inner Ninja

Let me know what you think of who I'd like to drink some beer with & have a laugh while smoking some weed, here is a couple other song title's of Classified, "Oh... Canada", "Anything Goes" & "Anybody Listening", if you watch any of the video's I played when I first started posting here at Your Angels you may have seen the Anybody Listening video already, but all in all Everyone, if you see me as somewhat intelligent, trust me when I say if you mix Classified with Lights (Another Non Traitor for American Big Money Canadians) "Timing is Everything" music & adding it up with the rest of Lights music like her "Ice", Savior" & "Lions" songs & add it up with all the other Entertainment Culture from around the World from Canada to the U.S.A all the way over to South Korea Korea & Seoul's KPOP, well, I will just say this Everyone, it's so INSANE it's SANE when you add in my Life's experiences in to the EQUATION like me & all my trips the the Psychiatric Hospital to get Stripped down naked, given a Gown to wear, thrown & pinned down & given & SNITTY FACE NURSE IMP PRICK Needle full of whatever they were injecting me with just because they didn't like the way I was treating them with such utter disrespect for their LAWS, Mocking them, Taunting them & Exposing them for how Intellectually Inferior they are compared to I overall, not in just one area like them in a CRUEL FIELD of USING HUMANKIND as LAB RATS to TEST BIG PHARMA'S NEWEST PILL REMEDY (Money Make) giving the WEAK MINDED such side effects as IMPOTENT PENIS'S...

To conclude Everyone, I require your Brains & words that can come out of them to help me figure out a way to properly communicate with the Lesser Beings on a Level they can understand that I mean Humankind no Harm, but the Truth is the Truth & Opinions are just that, Opinions, & I know no one on Earth knows what happened going on 2013 years ago now to make Humankind start keeping track of Time the way we do which the Just Human Atheistic Scientists didn't like so they weaseled their way into changing B.C & A.D to whatever they do now...

Don't misunderstand me Everyone, I'm not saying that I'm Christ, Jesus, all I really truly am saying is that I, am Samael the Elohim, the Soul that was murdered & turned from Joseph in Jesus Christ, MANKIND'S PERSONAL SAVIOR to keep the SUPERSTITIOUS GOOFY GRIN SMILE PREACHER MEN feeling safe knowing that they will remain in CONTROL of the MINDS of the MASSES & NEVER AGAIN (lulz, a Nickleback joke-oni giggles-) have to FEAR VOODOO BLACK MAGIC in the World which I love & am the Pythagoras Pentagram One Man Dragon Witch's Voodoo Doll, anyways, I could go on & on Everyone, but this is enough for you to digest for now so blessed be & I am with you Everyone, just turn your Sails in the Direction you want to go & I will Blow, Whispering to you along the way making you grin Devilishly from ear to ear...

To every force there is an equal & an opposite, I am that equal force, love!
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