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For all those wishing understanding and TRUTH - this is my PERSONAL decoding of the Nazca Lines coming to life through the use of Google Earth showing them irrefutably to be the hidden Great Pyramid of Giza blueprints.

This disclosure shows things we as of yet do not know about the Great Pyramid. It is a time for truth, a time for a different world.

Know that it has been presented throughout history that in a distant time a message from the past will arrive and cast Light upon all that is Darkness; this has been deemed by scripture and verified throughout our known history - that time has now come upon OUR generation and the message is of is a time for all to cast aside petty issues, a time for all colors to bleed as one -
a time for truth like never before..a time for truth to RISE UP! 

Be well all.

"Between us we may hold all the answers - if not for confrontation."
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