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Well folks,

JOOTBOX may outlive me. I'm experiencing gross amounts of blood in my urine. No money for the MD and No insurance, so I'm just hoping for the best, which is just a kidney stone I'm trying to pass. My ironic life would have it that I'm close to finishing my house and SS is just a couple years away and the curtain closes, the house lights come on and no curtain call.

I'm not afraid to die. I just didn't want it to be this soon...

In case it is the worst, meaning prostate or bladder/kidney cancer, and nobody sees this till it's too late, I want to thank you all for being members of JOOTBOX. I've enjoyed corresponding as long as we have.


Dr. Charbonneau

The universe is a hairball. It was created by Fritz the Cat. :P Einstein said the universe was like a plate of spaghetti. Still, you don't want to know what transpired between him and Elsa to bring about that idea.
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