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The recent testing of the SpaceShipTwo space plane brings us one step closer to being able to log onto and book a trip into space. Once that happens and some profit and investment is made, trips to orbiting hotels will not be too far away. I for one hope I live long enough to see it happen, even if I don't get to make a trip to an orbital Hilton.

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Some of us would rather lift the Hilton and the city around it into orbit. There are some interesting concepts out there for converting rotary velocity into linear thrust. One must be careful not to confuse Net Inertial Propulsion with antigravity or gravity shielding.
The universe is a hairball. It was created by Fritz the Cat. :P Einstein said the universe was like a plate of spaghetti. Still, you don't want to know what transpired between him and Elsa to bring about that idea.
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