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Tourists drift miles out to sea after arctic ice breaks

A camping trip to the Canadian arctic went horribly wrong when 20 tourists woke up to find the ice shelf they were on had broken free and they were drifting out to sea.

The group, which includes two Americans, had bedded down in Nunavut, a territory in the far north of the country.

Tour operator Arctic Kingdom reported on its website that a three-mile long piece of ice broke off the floe edge as they slept late Monday.

“Travelers on Arctic Kingdom’s Great Migrations of the Northwest Passage program are at a camp on this ice, which is still in Admiralty Inlet, about 12 kilometres (eight miles) from its original position,” the company said in a statement.

The Royal Canadian Air Force mobilized helicopters but they were not expected to arrive until late Wednesday morning, Major Steve Neta told the Canadian Broadcasting Company.  

"They've been able to locate the area and the folks that are stranded on the ice floe, and they've been able to drop survival rescue kits, which include large life-rafts as well as other survival equipment," he said.

Neta added that a second Hercules aircraft is on the way with more rescue and survival equipment.

"They have the right clothing," he said.

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