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This has been prompted because I did the dumb thing today and opened up an innocent looking, albeit oddly untimely, email from the UPS service. I checked the sender's URL and it appeared to be the UPS. I clicked and incurred "System Progressive" trojan/virus.

To get rid of it, took me a bit to figure out, but what worked was this:

I put in my recovery DVD (for me Acer Recovery 1) and rebooted the machine. When the Acer screen came up (Yours might be different) I began pushing the F8 key repetitively till the "SAFE MODE" screen came up, left it on REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER and pressed Enter. I came to the recovery disk's menu and chose "Restore computer to earlier date." Accepted yesterday as the available restore date, accepted all the "next" and then "finish" options.

That was successful.

I'll keep this thread around for everyone's reference...

Be careful. I sometimes learn the hard way. I hope nobody else has to.

Dr. C.

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